Using the Domain Management Panel

What is the Domain Management Interface?

You may modify your domain information using the Domain Management Control Panel In this interface you can edit your contact information for the domain, change DNS settings and other options. With some domain names you can lock or unlock the domain name as well.

You need your username and password to log in to the Domain Management Control Panel. If you do not have the username and password for your domain name, you can contact us obtain this information. The password is case-sensitive. If you get an authentication error, copy and paste the password directly from the email sent to you. As well, do not include “WWW.” as part of the domain name when attempting to log in.

The Domain Management Interface looks similar to this:


You can click the Manage Your Domain link located at the top to return to this screen. Below the Manage Your Domain link, you will see the domain name, when it expires, and whether a change is in progress. If you have more than one domain in this profile, you will see a link called: Manage Another Domain. Click on the Manage Another Domain link to list the other domains that have been grouped together in a profile. In the control panel you will be able to update the following:

Manage Profile

This is a section allows you to change Domain login and password information, create sub users, and group multiple domains into different profiles.

Organization Contact

This is information about the company or entity that owns the domain name you are managing. You can change company information here. This field is shown at the top of WHOIS lookups and is also called the Registrant field.

Admin Contact

This is the only person allowed to make changes to the domain. Ensure this email address is always kept up-to-date.

Billing Contact

This is the contact responsible for billing issues with regard to this domain’s registration. All renewal information will be sent to this address. The Billing Contact is not shown in the WHOIS database.

Technical Contact

This is the person who is usually responsible for Web hosting, mail, and other DNS issues. However, unless they are granted access by the Administrative Contact, they have no authority to make any changes. Sometimes this is your Provider’s contact information.

Manage Name Servers

This is where you modify the name server (DNS) information as well as create name server hosts based on the domain.

Domain Extras

This is the are that contains additional settings that is unique to your domain name type, for example, the domainAuthorization Code (sometimes called an “EPP Key”), the forwarding email address for .NAME domains, and Nexus data for .US domains.

Provider Contact

This is information about the Domain Provider that is responsible for the domain name registration, and that is tasked with providing you technical and customer support for your domain name registration.

Domain Locking

This is the section which allows the domain to be ‘locked’ to prevent transfers and Name Server (also called DNS) changes. By locking the domain, transfers will automatically be rejected, and name servers (DNS) cannot be modified. If you are unable to change the Lock setting, contact us to have it changed.