Secure Server (SSL) Certificates


If you will be accepting credit card or other sensitive data from your website, you will need a digital certificate. It's a simple fact that Web users won't transact business on your Web site if they can't be certain that it's secure. They need to know — absolutely and positively — that your business is real, and they need to be assured that their communications with you will be private. You, at the same time, need to protect your data and your business against disputed sales or someone "spoofing" your site and taking away your customers. A digital certificate handles this and enables secure communications with your customers through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology —the standard for secure communications on the Web.

A GeoTrust True BusinessID incorporates a 128-bit digital certificate and unique GeoTrust True Site service to uniquely identify people and resources over the Internet. As the adoption and use of 128-bit SSLcertificates has increased, so has their acceptance. They are the standard for e-commerce enabled web sites or any site that collects private information like credit card numbers, account numbers or passwords. 

When you travel to another country, your passport provides you with a universally accepted means of establishing your identity and gaining access to a protected area. A True BusinessID provides a similar type of identification and access. Once a certificate has been issued, the holder can provide this certificate to people, Web sites, and other network resources to prove their identity and establish encrypted, confidential and secure communications. This full security is quickly and easily enabled through the installation of a digital certificate that turns on the existing SSL security capabilities already built into most browsers. By doing this, you'll be able to securely communicate with the millions of customers who use the internet worldwide! 

All Bronze and higher packages are capable of SSL encryption. Pricing for your Digital Web Certificate starts at $99 per year. See the pricing table below. 


The Product Suite

The different products below provide varied degrees of authentication in addition to 128-bit encryption. NorthwestNet's digital certificates scale to meet your individual needs.

  QuickSSL ™ QuickSSL Premium ™ True BusinessID ™
Verification of Entity Domain Domain Organization & Domain
Documentation Required Authorized E-mail Authorized E-mail Proof of Organization
or DUNS Number
Delivery Time 1 Day 1 Day 2 Days Average
Included in Product Certificate only Certificate & Site Seal Certificate & Site Seal
Name in Seal N/A Domain Name Organization & Domain Name
Terms 1-3yrs 1-3yrs 1-3yrs
Setup $50 $100 $125
Price $99/year $199/year $249/year

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